par reFrag

Conference in English.

reFrag : media archaeology gathers together international artists exploring media archaeology, hardware hacking / sampling, e-waste recycling, critical making, internet culture, media studies and more, in their practice.

Artists, designers, students and visitors will be invited to explore and challenge the limits and impact of technologies. The festival will conclude with a conference entitled: UN\DEAD MEDIA in collaboration with Neural Magazine.

guests : 

Emilie Gervais

Darsha Hewitt

Dani Ploeger

vtol / Dmitry Morozov


reFrag: is the annual festival of Parsons Paris’ Art, Media & Technologydepartment. Curated by the program director Benjamin Gaulon and the Media Archaeology Lab Paris

During 3 days a series of workshops, talks and performances will be held at Parsons Paris and at the Gaité Lyrique from April 20th to the 22nd.