La Gaîté lyrique

Bar & cafe

For a chance to relax in the afternoon or meet up with friends after work, we invite you to visit three different places with different styles: the Historic Foyer Bar, the Media Platform Bar, and the Summer Bar.
  • © Teddy Morellec
  • © Vinciane Verguethen
  • © Vinciane Verguethen
  • © Vinciane Verguethen
  • © Clément Bec-Karkamaz

The Historic Foyer bar - 2nd floor

With its stunning and unique setting, the Historic Foyer is the perfect place to take a sophisticated or casual break with friends or family. Whether calm and peaceful on exhibit afternoons or crackling with energy on concert nights, this space lives to the beat of la Gaîté lyrique. 

Tea, coffee, refreshment, savory and sweet snacks, and sandwiches from the Marché des Enfants Rouges on concert nights.
Bars are open from 2pm to 8pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and from noon to 7pm on Sundays.
Late night opening on Tuesdays until 10pm.

The media platform bar - 1rst floor

Open on broadcast nights and in the afternoon. Here you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, free access to cultural magazines and table games (ask for them in the Video Game Space). It’s become a favorite hangout for freelancers who see it as the perfect place for a casual and friendly work environment. 

The summer bar - ground floor / terrace

In warm weather (from May to August), the Summer Bar is open outside la Gaîté lyrique, facing the Émile-Chautemps square. This peaceful outdoor patio away from the noise and traffic is the perfect place to take a relaxing break.