Black Boxes

Participatory art project

Presented January 11-29, 2017
La Gaîté lyrique invites you to get involved in the creation of “It’s time to open the Black Boxes”, a participatory artwork by Greek artist Danae Stratou.

It’s time to open the Black Boxes! is a participatory art project initiated by artist Danae Stratou. In these times of multiple crises shaking the world to its core, it is easy to fall into a fear-induced state of paralysis. This artistic project is a reaction to that perspective. Danae Stratou invites you to participate actively in the project by suggesting a word. By joining our “voices”, the project seeks to create a dialog in order to bring a collective response to this predicament. 

Send us ONE word that best expresses what at the present time:

• scares you or threatens you the most
• has an urgent need for protection, according to you

Words will be revealed when the “black boxes” will be opened… The participative artwork is already active, via this online form:

By opening the “black boxes”, we symbolically shine a light on the words which reflect what threatens us the most or what we seek to preserve, no matter the cost.

Danae Stratou’s installation will be presented for the opening of Scenic Rebels, the first event from the project carried by la Gaîté lyrique’s new management, driven by Marc Dondey.

Installation presented as part of Scenic Rebels

This highlight is built around the quintessentially contemporary figure of the whistleblower, seen through the prism of art and new technologies. A fortnight of installations and a long weekend with shows, performances, debates and screenings.

Heroes or ordinary citizens, whistleblowers bring out in the open data manipulation, the downward spiral of surveillance and the appropriation of common goods. They revive the archaic dilemma of tension between free will and obedience, between respect of the law and right to transgression. Whistleblowers breach our representations of the world. Anchored in the urgency of the real, they explore the fictions of another possible world.

Choose a word, think as poets and visionaries during this tipping point moment. Dare to question what will happen after the whistles are blown. La Gaîté lyrique gives you a voice and gives the artists a space for expression in order to work constructively towards openness and questioning. 

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