In brief

Located in the heart of Paris, la Gaîté Lyrique offers exceptional spaces, simultaneously historical and contemporary, created by architect Manuelle Gautrand. La Gaîté Lyrique carries on exploring our time through artistic creation and has established itself as a reference place for innovation.

Offre de formation à l'innovation et à la créativité 
Dans le cadre de ses expositions, la Gaîté Lyrique propose d'aborder de manière différente vos séminaires, vos formations, vos temps de relations publiques ou de team bulding... à travers un programme de formation à l'innovation et à la créativité associé à une visite augmentée.

En savoir +

La Gaîté Lyrique’s economic model, a forerunner in the French cultural landscape, allows it to be self-financed up to 55% thanks to close collaboration with companies since opening in 2011.

La Gaîté Lyrique includes companies as part of its development. They come to create and beta-test their products among different audiences, meet their current and future clients, and live intense cultural experiences as well as co-build projects with our teams.