Many partners have expressed their trust and support to la Gaîté Lyrique which creates sustainable links with them and creates partnerships in their image. Its natural proximity to the business world enables it to bring it closer to that of culture.

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Becoming a Gaîté Lyrique partner means:

-Being associated with an audacious and eclectic programming
-Joining its values of openness and sharing
-creating privileged relations with a unique institution
-committing to a specific project (festivals, cycles, themes) or becoming a Gaîté Lyrique major partner (year round),
-accessing a new network of artists and businesses,
-imagining and co-conceiving innovative and creative projects,
-involving employees in stimulating and unifying projects.

La Gaîté Lyrique offers every sort of partnership to add value to a company’s image.

Sponsoring or patronage

Patronage or sponsoring is the material support given to an event, a person, a product or an organization with the purpose of making direct profit from publicity messages. As part of patronage, both partners commit to exchange similarly valued compensations.


Philanthropy is the disinterested material support given to an artwork or to an organization for pursuing artistic or common interest activities. It makes it possible to enjoy a tax break amounting to 60% of the donation’s value, limited to 0.5% of turnover and with compensation amounting to a maximum of 25% of the contribution’s value.

Before deductions After deductions
100 000 € 40 000 €
50 000 € 20 000 €
30 000 € 12 000 €


Tailored benefits for our partners

A few examples of exclusive financial compensation

-Integration to la Gaîté Lyrique’s communication campaigns
-Campaign and product launch among a wide audience of influencers,
-Privileged access to la Gaîté Lyrique’s programming
-Private or public events in the spaces
-Projects in link with la Gaîté Lyrique’s teams to feed your storytelling or your corporate social responsibility policy.

They have trusted us

Year-long partners:

Hornet, Modulo Pi, Native Instruments, Kronenbourg,

Project specific partners:

Fondation RATP, Moog