La Gaîté lyrique

Cultural entrepreneur residency

Incubator of cultural entrepreneurs, Créatis is a residency program that welcomes up to 40 companies and start-ups in the digital field on site at la Gaîté lyrique or at its other nearby location on Boulevard Sébastopol.

Hosted by la Gaîté lyrique, Créatis is a platform devoted to entrepreneurship and innovation in the cultural fields: media, television, animation, music, architecture, Web culture, advertising, video games, fashion, the visual arts, photography, the culinary arts, the art trades, design, press, radio...

Sponsored by the City of Paris and Oséo, the program aims to support and encourage the growth of ventures in the cultural sector that combine excellence with the creation of meaning. Located in the heart of Paris, the program can accommodate over forty companies at 115 different workstations, working on the top floor of La Gaîté Lyrique or nearby on Boulevard Sébastopol. A flexible and evolving residency program, but also insertion into a virtuous ecosystem that brings personalized support to experts and easier access to funding.

You can read all about the program, the companies in residence and the application procedures on the website of Créatis.