Brunch @ Gaîté Lyrique

Every weekend at la Gaîté Lyrique

Brunch @ Gaîté Lyrique

On Saturdays and Sundays, Bande de Cheffes invites you to discover their Brunch in the incredible setting of the Historical Foyer of La Gaîté Lyrique!

Ceiling paintings, Baroque mirrors, majestic marble fireplaces, pillars and gildings.... All hidden in the exceptional location of the Historical Foyer which retains the splendor and authenticity of the former theater, the Brunch of La Gaîté Lyrique is back!

This year, each weekend, chefs Syriani Perera, Gift Kisakya, Samah Elfatih and Ana Moniz, from Bande de Cheffes, will prepare you a 100% homemade brunch made with love and with fresh, in-season local produce.

On the menu, mezzes of all kinds: chickpea and sesame hummus, sweet pepper caviar with a side of zaatar and sumac seed flatbread petals, but also staples such as marinated ground beef, pomegranate and spices syrup and last but not least the coriander and marella snacked cod, taking you far away from the dullness of Parisian weather. Those with a sweet tooth may want to go for the black sesame crème brûlée, or the delicious citrus baba with homemade whipped cream or perhaps the roasted apples with Parisian honey. All the above are served in elegant sandstone tableware.

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Allergens: lactose, gluten, soy, sesame, eggs, fish, nuts, milk, celery.


Bande de Cheffes

Bande de Cheffes is an inclusive and sustainable catering service. Its goal is to allow exiled women to use their expertise and cooking skills and to get back to professional life and self-sufficiency. The whole process is as sustainable as possible, as the team uses in-season produce and is mindful of recycling their food waste.

All about the Cheffes:

Syriani Perera is a Sri Lankan chef. She has always loved cooking ever since she was taught by her mother and grandmother. In France, she cooks for her community and prides herself in making everything from scratch. As a true entrepreneur, she works for different French catering services, and she is the cornerstone of Bande de Cheffes. Syriani is an ambassador of Sri Lankan cuisine, as she sees it as a means to share and make us discover her culture.

Samah Elfatih is a young Soudanese chef. She learned how to cook with her mother, who was very esteemed as a cook in her family. She has lived in France for the last four years now. Cooking enables her to remember her country and, in a way, feel more at home away from home. Samah is our pastry chef, and her deserts will make you smile in every situation. For her “Bande de Cheffes is a beautiful work opportunity as she does what she loves most: cooking and being happy”.