Fiction night

What is happiness ? A two-step tentative explanation with two singular and contemporary movies which take a look at love and friendship.


Il est des nôtres

Directed by Jean-Christophe Meurisse / 2013 / 47’
Produced by Ecce Films
FID 2013 (French competition) and the 2013 Silhouette festival (Collective prize for best performance)
Featuring Thomas de Pourquery, Solal Bouloudnine, Laetitia Dosch, Céline Fuhrer, Nicolas Granger, Thibault Lacroix, Aristide Meurisse, Thomas Scimeca, Anne-Élodie Sorlin, Maxence Tual, Jean-Luc Vincent, Carmen.

Thomas is 35 years old and has decided to never set foot outside again. He lives in a trailer in a hangar in the middle of the city, and invites his family, friends, and neighbors to his home. He throws parties. Dionysian parties. Every day, Thomas celebrates his refusal of society. Happily. Madly.



Those for whom it's always complicated

Directed by Husson / 2013 / 55’
Produced by Husson & Kidam
Brive Cinema Festival 2013
Featuring Camille Rousseau, G.J. Echternkamp, and Morgan Kibby

Camille and GJ, a Los Angeles couple in their early thirties, have seen happier days. For a change of scenery and mindset, Camille decides to organize a weekend in Death Valley—in other words, a real adventure for urbanites such as them. But then GJ' ex-girlfriend, Morgan, calls him for help. Morgan ends up being included in the weekend, which is going to mess up Camille's plans... In between fits of laughter and existential angst, Camille and GJ will need to reassess their expectations and their future.


« Happiness is
a warm gun »

Curated by Benoît Hické*, this deliberately prospective screening series provides an extension to the Happy Show exhibition by questioning the meaning of community: is together really better? How to take action?  What is love? Is it possible to laugh at everything?  Colorful images, animated guests, smiles and theories: "Happiness is a Warm Gun" will consist of three evenings of screenings (political documentaries, previously unseen features, and artist films) with the filmmakers in attendance.

*Benoît Hické is a journalist and film programmer, namely for the Museum of Natural History, la Gaîté lyrique (the musiquepointdoc series, screenings programmed as part of the exhibit 2062, and F.A.M.E - Film & Music Experience) and the Museum of Hunting and Nature.


Retour à Kotelnitch

Retour à Kotelnitch

d'Emmanuel Carrère

En présence du réalisateur

Une expérience cinématographique intense, et premier film de l'écrivain Emmanuel Carrère, qui nous plonge au cœur de Kotelnitch, au fin fond de la Russie.

  • Wednesday 29 May 2019 at 19h15
Monstres, mutants, cyborgs, chiens, hommes, bienvenus !

Monstres, mutants, cyborgs, chiens, hommes, bienvenus !

Rétrospective de films de Nathalie Magnan

Computer Grrrls - Week-end_04 : Renouveau des technoféminismes

Parce que l'exposition "Computer Grrrls" est dédiée à Nathalie Magnan, pionnière du média-activisme et du cyberféminisme, cette séance propose de (re)découvrir quatre de ses films, ainsi qu'un entretien filmé.

  • Saturday 15 June 2019 at 18h00
Paris Stalingrad

Paris Stalingrad

de Hind Meddeb, co-réalisé par Thim Naccache

Le Tour du jour #42 - En présence de l'équipe du film

Eté 2016. Des personnes réfugiées campent dans le quartier Stalingrad, à Paris, dans l'attente de régulariser leur situation. Hind Meddeb suit leur combat, leurs espoirs et leurs doutes. Comment faire lieu, faire collectif, comment habiter un espace qui empêche d’exister ?

  • Wednesday 26 June 2019 at 19h15