Who will become the best Muezzin in Turkey ?


Réal.: Sebastian Brameshuber, 2009, 80’, Austria/Turkey

In VO English with subtitles

The musical documentary does not exist.
The history of ideas, politics, the world as it turns (or derails), sociology, the languages, the cultures, all these stacked strata already follow a unique ritornello. A tempo, an impulse and a dance – sometimes of the belly – which foster the music, never closed upon itself as long as it transcribes the throb of life.
This series of documentaries in music will feed on explorations: lands and people whose very lives are musical scores. We will discover stories and geographies profoundly shaken by esthetics, a melody, a guitar riff or a beat loop, a twist of the pelvis, a syncopation – because music allows for the essential: detachment. Rocinha the rebel who drowns herself in baile funk to forget the gangs, the Norwegian who is still prey to her old demons, the young Afghan who attempts in her own way to escape the yoke of her old chiefs, the life-sparks of noise, experimentations of every kind or the flashing brilliance of techno: This series of documentaries, in direct contact with those who create and are the music, goes through the day in 80 worlds - with a few songs.


Petites histoires en images

Petites histoires en images

Dans le cadre de Mon Premier Festival, installe toi confortablement pour une projection inédite de sept court-métrages français d’animation autour des adaptations littéraires.

  • Wednesday 23 October 2019 at 16h00


de Marjane Satrapi et Vincent Paronnaud

Dans le cadre de Mon Premier Festival, assiste à la projection (et au goûter) du film d’animation Persepolis, Prix du Jury 2007 à Cannes, qui suit la vie d'une petite fille en Iran.

  • Friday 25 October 2019 at 16h00