Paris Musique Club

One exhibition, 12 cartes blanches, live clubs, screenings, workshops...

Paris Musique Club

Une exposition sensorielle et interactive, des installations à jouer, à expérimenter, à vivre, mais aussi 12 cartes blanches, des live, des projections et des ateliers.

Nestled in the lower depths of la Gaîté lyrique, Paris Musique Club is both an exhibit of augmented music and programming focused on giving carte blanche to creative collectives and labels.

an interactive exhibition

As part of Paris Musique Club, Parisian collective Scale has been invited to explore the multi-sensory dimension of music through a series of audiovisual devices designed to be either viewed or activated collectively. Whether working alongside Beat Assailant, Agoria, Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano, Moritz Von Oswald or Christine and The Queens, Scale has mastered the art of sublimating live music through image and light.

cartes blanches

antinote • barbi(e)turix • born bad • brut pop • clekclekboom • collectif mu • infiné • in paradisum • la souterraine • mawimbi • potemkine • sonotown

Paris Musique Club is shining the spotlight on various players who embody today’s hyperactive Parisian music scene: concerts, masterclasses, screenings, dancing, workshops, etc. By giving carte blanche to 12 guest collectives, Paris Music Club is showcasing 12 narratives written in the present tense that create new musical territories. Using various formats that alternate between narratives and live music, listening experiences and practical applications, each collective will introduce us to its multi-layered, unfolding, 360-degree-world.

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