Day 1 of the conference : Do it yourself, telecommunication and urban survival.


3pm-4pm Panel 1 : Survival Kit Latvia

  • Kristine Briede (LV)
  • Solvita Krese (LV)
  • Zane Datava (LV)
  • Ewen Chardronnet (FR)

4.15pm-5.45pm Panel 2 : DIY Telecom

  • Benjamin Cadon (FR)
  • Alejo Duque (CO)
  • Philippe Langlois (FR)

6pm-6.30pm Conference-performance by Konrad Becker (AT)
 « Strategic Communication and Behavioral Dynamics »

7pm Screening :
Rip In Pieces America, de Dominic Gagnon (CA), 2002
Rip in Pieces America assembles homemade short videos that were flagged for their content and removed from the Internet shortly after. Working in a gray zone of copyright law, Dominic Gagnon presents the virtual testimonies of individuals who are all concerned with the future of the United States. They sit alone in front of webcams, sometimes wearing masks or sinister clothes, and proclaim their apocalyptic visions and conspiracy theories with disturbing insistency.



Solvita Krese (Lv)

Graduated from the Art Academy of Art, Science department, trained in cultural management at Marcel Hicter Institute. Currently working on doctoral work about interaction of art and its context. From the 2000th runs the Latvian Center of Contemporary Art (ngo). As a curator has organized several large-scale international art projects - "Trespassers," "Re: public", "Archaeology of Reality," "Urbanologic", "Mobile Museum". She has participated in several research projects about the artistic processes of 80ties, 90-ties and non-conformist art scene of earlier Soviet period. Professional interest areas - arts and urban environment, relationships, art and its socio-political context, gender issues. Author of numerous articles in the magazine "Studio", newspaper "Diena", art exhibitions and artists' catalogs. One of the contemporary culture of non-governmental organization Association of the initiators and founders. Currently working on an ambitious international art project Survival Kit.

Kristine Briede (Lv)

Culture producer, artist and filmmaker, manager of culture and art projects. Worked as a producer and director at film studio “Locomotive International”, author and producer of several documentaries and short fictions (”Checking out”, “Mother connected”, Eurowatching”, “Borderland”, “Where did they dissappear?”), one of the main founders of “Culture and Information centre K@2” (active from 2000-2008) in a former Soviet military base Karosta were implemented numerous large and small scale culture and society integration projects, co-founder of New Media and Culture Centre RIXC in Riga and New Media Art education programme at Liepaja University in Liepaja. Author, compiler and translator of numerous articles and books. Currently working at Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art and coordinating international art projects  - among them the collaboration project “Survival Kit. Art linking society, knowledge and activism”.

Zane Dātava (Lv)

Culture producer, manager of culture and art projects. Graduated from the Academy of Culture, Theory of Culture department. She organises experimental music and film art festival Sound forest and sound art exhibitions. As a freelance curator she has collaborated with various organizations and has organised performance art festival, exhibitions and concerts. Currently working at Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art and coordinating local and international art projects, including festival Survival kit.

Alejandro Duque (Co)

Colombian artist and a current PhD candidate at the European Graduate School in Switzerland where he is currently based. His research entitled: "Gifted Malice, Kinship Through the Wires and the Waves" dedicates attention to collaborative/participatory arts that celebrate cultural agitation across all possible networks. His current interests deal with HAM radio, streaming media and satellite listening and spotting. He is also an active member of networks such as Bricolabs, dorkbot, labSurlab and [k.0_lab] and is easy to spot on the IRC freenode network as dspstv.

Benjamin Cadon (Fr)

Benjamin Cadon is a media artist who lives and works as project manager for Labomedia, a well known independent media lab in Orleans, France. He's been active in several other sound art organisations and develops audio-visual performances and installations using open source real-time softwares and electronic devices. Working partly on improvisation and partly on physical principles, his goal is the construction/deconstruction of concepts threw images, sounds, situations, in the questioning of the relation between society, media and biological worlds which surround us.

Philippe Langlois (Fr)

Co-founder of the tmp/lab, founder of P1 Security and Senior Security Consultant for Telecom Security Task Force. Philippe Langlois has proven expertise in network security. He founded and led technical teams in several security companies (Qualys, WaveSecurity, INTRINsec) as well as security research teams (Solsoft, TSTF). He founded Qualys and led the world-leading vulnerability assessment service. He founded a pioneering network security company Intrinsec in 1995 in France, as well as Worldnet, France's first public Internet service provider, in 1993. Philippe was also lead designer for Payline, one of the first e-commerce payment gateways. He has written and translated security books, including some of the earliest references in the field of computer security, and has been giving speeches on network security since 1995 (RSA, COMDEX, Interop, HITB Dubai, You can reach him through his website at:

Konrad Becker (At)

Theorist, artist and producer in the field of electronic media. He is director and co-founder of the Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0, and of Public Netbase during 1994 to 2006. He started World-Information.Org, a cultural intelligence agency, and several other projects. Books include: "Nach dem Ende der Politik" (2011) "Critical Strategies in Art and Media" (2010) Strategic Reality Dictionary (2009), "Deep Search" (2009)

Dominic Gagnon

He is an inventor, director, installer and active performer on the international scene. He considers cinema as a technique for measuring the immeasurable or as a discipline of chaos. Since 1996, he has made public presentations of moving images, invent machines and concepts, performs sound works, built facilities and creates performances in various galleries, festivals and biennials around the world. To carry out his projects, Gagnon has conducted several researches about: the decline of economies (ISO, 2002), terror (Du Moteur à Explosion, 2000) violence and identity crisis among boys (The Making of a Cobra, 2004), the international adoption systems (Anchorage, 1998), information disorder and homelessness (High Speed, 2007), Sado-Masochism and fetishism in popular culture (Blockbuster History, 2005) and the family in the era of mega-entertainment (Beluga Crash Blues, 1997).