The Aga Mission Ball

House of Balenciaga - Paris Region

The house of Balenciagia Paris Chapter is thrilled to present to you The Aga Mission Ball : Bon Baiser de Paris.

Bon Baiser de Paris

In a World where violence and injustice are ruling, the aga boot agency sends all its secret agents in Paris in order to accomplish several missions. Between recruitments, challenges and transcendence, agents will make any possible efforts not to disappoint the big head of this whole organization: ICON FOUNDING FATHER HAROLD BALENCIAGA

Who will win big tonight and make himself a name among all great agents on earth ? Be there to have the answer. This message will explose in 5 seconds...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

  • Face : Can I Have This Dance? 
    5 trophies : Butch Queen, Femme Queen, Women, Drag, All
    Like every year since 2011, The Chateau de Versailles is having its masked “masquerade” ball. Although the plans of some are to have fun and dance all night, plans for others are to kill the President of the republic who is supposed to make a cameo at this fab event. As everybody will be masked it will be quite hard to find the killer. Come dressed accordingly to the event and masked with a venetian mask, and find the killer.

  • Realness | Executive : La Défense
    1 trophy
    The Aga Boot Agency is actually looking for someone specialized on spy gadgets to accomplish our missions in a better way. We heard about you and sent you a secret message for our recruitment day . Come show us what you have been working on at our Agency in Paris La Defense and snatch the job of your life.

  • Realness | Pretty Boy VS School Boy : Time To Work
    3 trophies : Pretty Boy, School Boy, Pretty Boy VS School Boy
    Time has come to work on your defense and your fights. To succeed your missions, you need agility, defense and other skills that will be taught to you in the Aga Boot training class. Come in a sportswear outfit ready to train hard and don't forget your towel because they will sure make you sweat.

  • Realness | Fem Queen VS Drag : Good Morning Charly
    1 trophy
    The Charly's Angels are the most admired women in the spy world. They are know for being sexy, fierce, fearless, combative and impressive. They are accomplished in their spy role and they are what the young generation of the Aga Boot women aim to become. As a tribute to them, come dressed in an all black leather outfit to show your desire of being as accomplished and impressive as them.

  • Runway | European : The White Dress
    1 trophy : Female Figure
    Chanel ends its Haute Couture fashion show each year with a wedding dress. The difference this year is the fact that this “dress” will have the particularity of being genderless. Unfortunately, like the masterpiece that it is, the dress has been stolen while it was being transferred to the venue of the fashion show. Your mission is to get the “dress” back and present it at the fashion show. Don't let us down.

  • Runway | European : The Fashion Week
    1 trophy : Butch Queen
    The Aga Boot Agents have been wearing the same type of uniform for quite some years now. A plan to upgrade them is in the making. Even if some ideas have been already chosen, we are interested in having you taking part of the process. As the trench is already a big part of the uniform, present your vision of fashion, with a suitable and original trench. BE CREATIVE

  • Runway | All American The Treat
    1 trophy : Open To All
    A well known fashion designer received a treat but can't tell it to the police and the justice. She secretly asked for our help to discover who is the messenger of this treat. Your mission is to mold into her security guard team and discover who wants the head of this fashion designer. The problem ? She likes fantasy and hates black and white. Come in an original and colorful suit to perfectly mold in the team.

  • Fashion | Best Dressed : Awards Ceremony
    1 trophy
    Tonight is the award ceremony of the Aga Boot Agency. There are great chances that the award of the best agent goes to you for all the missions you have successfully accomplished for us. You must dress accordingly to the ceremony and look the best you ever did.

  • Performance | Lip Synch
    1 trophy
    Come get your ten's with one song of the artists named below then blow us out with the next few songs for the battles:
    - Beyonce: Work it out 
    - Adele: Skyfall
    - Christina Milian: Kim Possible
    - Destiny's Child: Independant Woman
    (production authorized … max 2,30min)

  • Realness | With A Twist : The Paris Riots
    1 trophy
    We all know the actual situation in Paris with all the riots and their degradations of big shops as Chanel and restaurants as « Le Fouquet » or the cancellation of the “Winter Is coming ball” by the fabulous house Of Balenciaga. Someone is at the head of this group and as long as we don't know who it is, it will be impossible to stop all of this. Your mission is to infiltrate this gang, wearin a totally black outfit and a yellow vest coat with masked face to give us more information about how everything is proceeded and who lead all of this.

  • Performance | Baby Vogue : With Kim and You, Everything is Possible
    1 trophy
    Kim Possible's parents decided to move in Paris. For so, Kim has been tranferred to La Sorbonne College and in the same way belongs now to the Aga Boot Agency. Unfortunatly, Robin couldn't follow her so she will need a new partner. Knowing all your good skills for that job, you have been chosen to replace him. Come with a black top and green bottom (as cunt as you want) and be ready to assist Kim in your first mission as a duo !

  • Performance | Female Figure : The Aga Boot Agency: New Totally Spies
    4 trophiesFemme Queen, Drag, Women, All
    The Woop agency has been dismissed as they failed to get all the missions accomplished after Alex, Clover and Sam been too old to keep on doing the missions ! The Aga Boot is now the agency in charge of all their missions but they need to hire the new Tottaly Spies ! So are you team Sam ? Team Alex or Team Clover ? Pick your side by coming dressed in the color of the Spy you want to replace.

  • Performance | Vogue Fem : What About Your Mojo?
    1 trophy : Butch Queen
    Austin Powers is known as the most talented english spy. With his original and colorful looks, he knows perfectly how to accomplished all the missions he has been given. We clearly need our very own Austin in Paris ! Bring it in a colorful outfit ready to serve Dr Evil and his mini me in a cunt way.

  • Performance | Old Way : The Catacombs
    1 trophy
    Expensive and precious stones from an Emirate have been stolen and hidden at the catacombs in Paris. The place is guarded by the robbers themselves who are working as security agents and are planning to get them tonight and sell them for a lot of money. With an all black jumpsuit and and an headlamp as the place will be really dark.

  • Performance | New Way : Jardin du Luxembourg
    1 trophy
    The Aga Boot is speculating an attack soon in Paris by a group of terrorist. We heard that one of them is supposed to have a meeting in the Jardin de Luxembourg to exchange the money with explosives devices and plans of a bomb. Record their conversation by dressing youself as a gardener who is taking care of the flowers next to where they meet. Don't forget your gloves.

  • Body | Sex Siren : Dressed Or Undressed?
    1 trophy : Open To All
    There is a reception tonight in the honor of the great Dr Washington who is rumored to be creating a weapon of mass destruction which will threaten the well being of the human world. As the Aga Boot doesn't have enough information on the correct nature of the weapon, we need you to use your power of seduction to extract precise intel from his devoted associates.
    Female Figure : Come in a sexy cocktail dress
    Butch Queen : Come in a suit for your ten's and seduce them dressed.

    Do you speak voguing ?



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