The Battle for Johannesburg

Rehad Desai

Measure the impact of urban transformations in the South Africa.

This documentary sketches the face of the city as it is on the verge of hosting the World Cup in 2010, fueling the imagination of city planners with an ambitious renovation project that promises to turn Johannesburg into a «world-class African city…» In the attempt to bring order to the chaotic capital, many obstacles arise between real-estate speculations and the lives of the poorest people. Is it possible to create a world-class city for all? The film examines the effects of urban transformation, the conflict and the impact produced by these rapid changes. Architects, land developers, residents, and homeless people tell the story.   52 minutes.


Petites histoires en images

Petites histoires en images

Dès 3 ans

Dans le cadre de Mon Premier Festival, installe toi confortablement pour une projection inédite de sept court-métrages français d’animation autour des adaptations littéraires.

  • Wednesday 23 October 2019 at 16h00


De Marjane Satrapi et Vincent Paronnaud

Dès 10 ans

Dans le cadre de Mon Premier Festival, assiste à la projection (et au goûter) du film d’animation Persepolis, Prix du Jury 2007 à Cannes, qui suit la vie d'une petite fille en Iran.

  • Friday 25 October 2019 at 16h00