Motion Factory

Les ficelles du monde animé

Tuesdays to Saturdays : 2PM-8PM / Sundays : noon to 7PM / Late night opening on Tuesdays until 10PM.
From April 24th to August 10th, sneak behind the scenes of animated filmmaking! An exhibition, talks, screenings, workshops... and more

Films, making of’s, shooting stills, and storyboards, as well as models, sets, figurines and collages... Go behind the scenes of tactile animation through the extraordinary imagination of an ultra-creative generation of filmmakers. Motion Factory, les ficelles du monde animé takes you on a trip around the world via some fifteen guest filmmakers belonging to a highly creative generation that combines tactile animation technology and traditional craft methods in perfect harmony with the infinite digital possibilities available today. Dabblers and jacks-of-all-trades, these filmmakers make films the same way magic is performed, using tricks and gimmicks and shrewdness and accumulating hours and meticulous movements. For almost four months, they will showcase their imagination, their world, their creations, their techniques, and their secrets to making handmade objects.





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