Extra Fantômes

The real, the fake, the uncertain

April 7th to July 17th 2016
In a world where scientific rationalism rules, interest is on the rise for alternative forms of relating to the world and to others.
  • © Louis David Najar

The exponential development of technology is paradoxically a time there is a surge in attention and demand for magical, unexplained and mythological phenomena.

La Gaîté lyrique - first a theatre, then a reference for operetta, a theme park, an abandoned building hosting secret rave parties - is now a digital culture space filled with stories and memories. 

Haunted mirrors, invisible surveillance, living houses, occult cyborgs, spectral machines, intangible waves and virtual existence: la Gaîté lyrique’s new exhibition presents a selection of contemporary artworks about a variety of ghostly figures: the real, the fake and the uncertain.

Brush, touch, interact... And let yourself be surprised! 

               Metamorphy by Scenoscome                                           Spectres by Malte Martin

Conceived as an entirely immersive journey, Extra Fantômes ’ scenography offers a playful, strange and poetic exploration.

Built in 4 sections - the Darkness, the Red Room, the Control Room and the Bunker  - the visitor dives in a circuit of secret passages, phantasmagorical universes, uncertain visions.

• The exhibition will be adapted and presented at the Centre Phi – Montreal in early 2017.

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Free for members and children under 6 years old.

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