I Love Transmedia #3

Third edition

I Love Transmedia #3

Devoted to innovative and interactive forms of written expression, this event introduces to pros and mainstream audiences alike the latest developments in cultural content.

Over the course of four days, I LOVE TRANSMEDIA invites you to take part in an event devoted to new forms of written expression.  This is the chance to check out the various (r)evolutions taking place in the cultural world, namely the increasing porosity at work between the media of television, cinema, the Web, video games, and live performances.

An exhibition featuring works by students from  GobelinsCelsaBellecour Esia 3D,  l’EsaatCCI Multimédia Annecy and Pole IIID illustrates the creativity in the field in terms of transmedia writing.

A whole series of discussions with special guests provides the opportunity to ponder and question the  challenges brought about by new technologies and the new ways they are being used.

Program subject to change

At the crossroads between video games, interactive fiction and animation, these projects cover all forms and topics, from David Bowie to reality TV by way of space exploration and childhood fears.


Gobelins – Cnam ENJMIN - A project by Roberto Chevez, Carles Déau, Medhi Djebbar, Florent Dubois, Vincent Maury, Damien Poisson, Pierre Proudhon. 
66-li is a transmedia project that enables players to challenge each other while co-authoring a comic book that immortalizes their game sessions. Players can embody either the hero making his way through a hostile world or the computer entity manipulating the setting.


ESAAT - A project by Jonathan Baron, Lucie Carpentier, Louise Honoré
Take off on an adventure with Amos, a little boy who must learn to control his fears.  Help him fall asleep by chasing away the monsters from his nightmares! For each of them there are mini-games and puzzles to solve.


Gobelins – Cnam ENJMIN - A project by Germain Anglade, Alexandre Ben Soussan, Gabriel Corbel, Ana Maria de Jesús, Nicolas Djaal, Mathieu Jouve.

In his attic, Alexandre comes across a set of documents dating back to the 19th century:  the work of a certain professor by the name of Auguste Carmin. The documents contain drawings and explanations for the construction of a strange machine designed to explore and interact with the mind.  Alexandre manages to bring together six people to build the machine, a project they call projet aWAY


CELSA -A project by Manel Ben-Hamadi, James Cogels, Matthieu Dartiguenave, Agathe Gelin, Céline Joachimiak, Lucie Martin, François Olive, Camille Principiano.

Julie, a 24 year-old young woman, wakes up one morning convinced she's David Bowie.  She shares her revelation with her roommates, who don't believe her; it's not like her at all, it's just a phase that she'll get over, she's always been an average and unassuming type of person.  And of all days for such a thing to happen, this has to be the worst, since her future is to be determined a few hours later, during an interview that could get her into a very prestigious school.  What is happening to her?

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Bellecour Esia 3D - A project by Maéva Bonnard, Félix Hodara, Alexandre Negro, Alexandre Spontak, Laura Venturi.
Zach regularly serves as a tour guide for Galatic Tours, an organization that helps friendly aliens and their families discover Planet Earth. He takes them to a series of unique places that are among the most fabulous on Earth.  Cosmotouristes is an interactive TV series for the whole family:  come and [re]discover the one thousand and one marvels of Planet Earth from a different perspective. 

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FairyTell Me

Gobelins – Cnam ENJMIN - A project by Maïa d'Aboville, Alexandre Blondeau, Paul Lillo Esquerre, Vincent Munoz.
FairyTell Me is a transmedia game that brings your child's drawings on paper to life as a fairy tale on a tablet.  A fun adventure to experience, print, and share with the whole family!

For children ages 5 through 10. More info


CCI Multimédia Annecy - Gobelins - A project by Romain Balcerak, Yohann Delunsch, Nicolas Lefebvre, Alex Rock. 
Relive your most precious moments with HeyMe. This app allows you to save your memories in capsules you can send to yourself. When you meet someone or return to a special place, your smartphone displays the capsules and brings you a moment of unexpected poetry. More info

Kepler 22B

Pole IIID - A project by Gauthier Bassée, Thomas Bourgain, Louis Delbecq, Roméo Gola, Melissa Houyez, Matthieu François Lemaire, Maxime Meriaux, Adrien Pietras, Edgard Soubiran, Maxime Szcypa

At a time when humanity has been able to expand its territories to the far reaches of the galaxy, an industrial expedition, after a one-year superluminal voyage, reaches the solar system of Kepler 22.  As the sole survivor of a crash that left your spaceship unsafe to live in, you will have to figure out the problem and fix it if you ever want to escape from Kepler 22.  There just might be more to this planet than its coveted minerals... More info


CELSA - A project by Héloïse Cochard, Elodie Dureu, Claire Fournon, Pierre Leibovici, Alexis Rosier, Thomas Verrier. 

In the Bouillon family, screens function like walls that separate. But one evening, a new kind of reality TV show interrupts their digital life. Welcome to Offline, an experiment that unplugs the power chord to restore communication. Plunged into an absurd fictional adventure, the user is led to question hyperconnectivity.  Tablets, computers, smartphones, TV:  will you dare  unplug them? More info


CCI Multimédia Annecy - Gobelins - A project by Guillaume Dumoulin, Audrey Lioret, Stefan Patrice, Jeanne Pierson, Visun Le Duong. 
PaperPlay is an app conceived for children ages 6-10 that combines the digital with the tangible.  The child is immersed in a ficticious story and must print, build, stage and photograph objects made of paper in order to move forward in the adventure. Thus he is faced with a didactic challenge that instills in him notions of representation in space. More info


CELSA - A project by Jeanne Billau, Claire Sarfati, Marine Gianfermi, Pauline Legrand, Camille Paplorey, William Shilton.

"Forward this email to 25 people or you will be struck by bad luck:"  while these evil digital prophecies may have never come true for you, they completely changed the life of Antoine Martin, a hyperconnected student from Paris.  Go with him on a transmedia adventure like no other, that will take you deep into the heart of the Web... all the way to the Darknet. More info

The Association Beaumarchais-SACD, which has been supporting and encouraging emerging authors since 1987, is pleased to renew its support of the I LOVE TRANSMEDIA event for the third year in a row.
A jury of professionals will convene to award a prize of 1,500 euros to one of the projects in the exhibition. The award will be handed out Friday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m.

Past events

Atelier FairyTell Me
En famille Capitaine Futur

Atelier FairyTell Me

par les étudiants de Gobelins / Cnam-Enjmin

05.10.14 at 3:00 pm

Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche

Capturée + Little Nando

04.10.14 at 8:00 pm

Pitchs des projets lauréats de l'Association Beaumarchais-SACD

Pitchs des projets lauréats de l'Association Beaumarchais-SACD

Bourse Orange Formats innovants

03.10.14 at 4:30 pm

Le public, l’UX et le créateur

Le public, l’UX et le créateur

Anticiper les réactions du public face aux écrans connectés

03.10.14 at 3:30 pm

« Blind Date », un court-métrage augmenté

« Blind Date », un court-métrage augmenté

Réalisé par Emmanuel Dumont

02.10.14 at 7:30 pm

Je suis super2.dtg

Je suis super2.dtg

Etude de cas

02.10.14 at 5:30 pm

"1914, dernières nouvelles", le webdoc

"1914, dernières nouvelles", le webdoc

Etude de cas

02.10.14 at 4:45 pm