Create your visitor path

Echoing with your project and the needs of your group, we imagine a tailor-made visitor’s path articulated in three steps: seeing, experimenting, encountering.


Admission for groups
Exhibition: 3.50€
Concerts and shows: 8€
Workshops: 2 to 5€
Membership card: 12€ instead of 16€

Admission for social field
Exhibitions: 1€
Concerts and shows: 2€
Workshops: 2€

Admission for employee representative committees
Membership card: 14€ instead of 16€
Exhibitions: 4€
Concerts and gigs: member rates
Conferences and screenings: member rates

Exhibition path

Exhibition visit, workshop linked to the exhibition, encounter with an artist from the exhibition

Show path

Show, workshop linked to the show, encounter with the stage director

Thematic path

Body and technology, the gender issue in digital cultures, music and image…

Depending on your schedule, the path can be focused on a single day or can occur over three distinctive moments.