Year-long project

La Gaîté Lyrique is as much a venue as it is a resource when it comes to education on digital cultures. Our artistic programming offers multiple extensions to education projects around images and new media.

In partnership with educational institutions, leisure centers, higher education institutions, universities, non-profits, social centers, social care institutions and remand centers, we accompany each year 25 custom made cultural action projects. Priority is given to projects destined to troubled students or people in precarious situations that are far away from a place such as la Gaîté Lyrique.

The public relations team is at your disposal to imagine a project adapted to the requirements of your students or the person you are accompanying.

Each year, la Gaîté Lyrique invites its partners to present their projects to the public and participants’ families during the Festival Ateliers Partagés

Different project financing plans exist, ask us for advice.