Moritz von Oswald

from 29 March to 17 April 2011
Moritz Von Oswald inaugurates the echo chamber, a space for creation, experimentation, and auditory immersion with a new composition.

Moritz Von Oswald operates the bridge between Berlin Next! and the other programs of la Gaîté lyrique. His acoustic creation is inaugurated as part of Berlin Next! and will be replayed over several months in la Gaîté lyrique's echo chamber, specially conceived to host interactive acoustic creations.

Moritz_Von_OswaldPhoto CC par Dave Walker.

Born in 1962, Moritz Von Oswald is one of the fathers of German techno of the 1990s. In tandem with his music, his programing skills have resulted in the creation of the Ableton Live software which has since become the benchmark of sound creation for hundreds of thousands of artists.


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