NFTs, qu’est-ce que c’est ?

With Jake Brukhman, Alex Masmej

NFTs, qu’est-ce que c’est ?

NFTs—lines of code on a blockchain—can represent any possession, whether physical or digital objects, or even rights. They can be attached to moments, tweets, creations, and traded. Jake Brukhman and Alex Masmej will discuss their history and their future.

In a digital world that allows for the infinite reproduction of its objects, what happens to the idea of ownership? NFTs—lines of code on a blockchain—can represent any possession, be it physical or digital objects, access rights, voting rights, or copyrights. They can even be attached to memories, tweets, creations, and auctioned off. After a few years of growth in the gaming and collectible fields, they are now revolutionizing the art world and very soon the social networks. Their history and future will be discussed by Jake Brukhman, a specialist in the field, and Alex Masmej, co-founder of a new social network whose content belongs to those who create it: you.


  • Jake Brukhman : A blockchain user, developer, investor and thinker since the inception of this technology, Jake Brukhman has notably created the first investment fund dedicated to these decentralized networks. He supports and advises some of the most ambitious projects in the field (Aragon, Balancer, The Graph, Fair Launch Capital) including several specialized in NFTs (, Rarible, Cent) and he has recently launched a digital art gallery to support NFT creators.

  • Alex Masmej :  Alex Masmej made a name for himself by creating Rocket, an organization that issued loans backed by NFTs, but also by issuing his own token, $ALEX, to finance the launch of his career by offering his investors a share of his future income. He will present Showtime, a new social network that reverses the codes: unlike the well-known platforms that own what you post, he proposes that your content belongs to you and that you are free to dispose of it and monetize it.

Curated by Aude Launay.

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