La Gaîté Lyrique’s team gathers a wide variety of professions in order to lead the entire range of its activities: training courses, concerts, exhibitions, resource center, artist residencies, bar, shops, company events.

Director: Laëtitia STAGNARA

Art direction

Artistic directors: Jos AUZENDE, Benoît ROUSSEAU

Art programming officer : Anna TARDIVEL
Art and culture projects coordinator : Madeleine VARIN


Head of production: Jean-Yves CATEL

Production officers: Clémence NICPON, Laetitia ROUILLER, Emmanuelle ONTENIENTE
Production assistant : Pauline FERRIÈRES

Production officer and coordinator: Anne SAROSY


Head of communications: Baptiste VADON

Content and editorial communications manager: Maxime DE ABREU

Press and media partnerships manager: Manon GUERRA

Digital communications officer: Estelle MORFIN

Communication officer: David SUCHESTOW


Director of audiences: Anne LE GALL

Audience experience officers:
Childhood, family and primary education : Emilie AUDIBERT (replacing Lola PINEL)
Adolescence and secondary school : Julia KAMIENIAK
Adults and higher education : Bérénice SELLIER
Individual audiences and coordination of workshops : Théo KUPERHOLC

Marketing coordination of linked services : Jazia MATHLOUTHI

Front desk and ticketing manager: Flora CHAPPAZ
Ticketing supervisor: Célia FLOQUET

Ticketing and front desk staff: Roxanne ADAM-EYCHENNE, Jérôme I., Vincent DUCARD


Development manager: Clara BASTID

Development officer: Louise CATTARINUSSI

Venue hire manager: Daphné PANACAKIS

Events officer: Pierre MOINET


Administrator: Xavière VOISIN

Administration manager: Amélie TESSIER

Human resources manager: Cassandra HRYNIEWICZ

Human resources and administration assistant: Elisa FEDAN

Accounts manager: Maryline BEAUDRAN

Accounts assistant: Mohamed BOURAHLA


Technical director: Nicolas DAMIEN

Deputy technical director: Marc MALLIA

Technical management secretary: Alice BERGER

Location managers: Alexis BOUHOURS, Christophe DA COSTA MARQUES, Marianne MEMAIN, Pierre LE CARDINAL, Mathieu ROCABOY, Gregor HEUZE

Lighting director: Julien MORGANT

Deputy lighting director: (currently recruiting)

Video and image director: Martial GALLORINI

Deputy video and image director: Claire BAUDOUX

Sound director: Jean-Marc HAREL

Deputy sound director: Gabin FOURNIER

Machinery, construction and stage manager: Alain PERES

Stage manager : Tom BOUVET

IT manager: Mathieu BODARD

Deputy IT manager: Charles GRIESMAR

General services manager: Léo LEGRAND

Maintenance technicians: Moustaphe TALL


Also part of the team are short-term hires, intermittent artists, reception staff and interns.

La Gaîté Lyrique is committed to diversity and professional equality. 

With an index of 86 points out of 100 calculated over the year 2019, we wish to prove that we are committed to professional equality between men and women. We are striving to create long-term conditions of attractivity and evolution allowing women to progress at the same rhythm as men, whether in pay or career evolution. 

How is this index calculated?