Big Kiss Goodnight

Big Kiss Goodnight

A work in progress film by Dominic Gagnon.


Just out of jail, sitting in his car, Joseph drinks iced coffee, smokes cigarettes and produces HD homemade videos. He lives in the USA that he loves and sees disappearing right in front of his eyes.

His speeches are a powerful trip into the reactionary and savage US psyche. With Joe’s consent, editor Dominic Gagnon put together this no-holds-barred, disturbing work.

The third instalment of an american trilogy, Big Kiss Goodnight revisits the themes and obsessions of the first two, Rip in Pieces America (FNC 2010) and Pieces and Love All to Hell (the upcoming RIDM 2012). and as in his previous works, the filmmaker avoids knee-jerk reactions and finger-pointing. He scoured the Internet looking for vicious webcam rants directed against the world, signs of a deep malaise. Western decadence or the end of the world? The feeling that an entire swath of society has been suddenly and deliberately left to its own devices is stronger than ever. Welcome to the real world! — Philippe Gajan

As a director, inventor, performer and filmmaker since 1996, Dominic Gagnon is an internationally recognized artist whose insightful and enigmatic films have been recently screened at Transmediale (Berlin) and Centre Pompidou (Paris). Gagnon considers cinema as ‘a technique for measuring the immeasurable, or as a discipline of chaos’. Using video and film since the nineties, his works are an exposé of obsession, identity and culture.

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