Exhibition opening: SplitSoundscape

by Grégoire Lauvin in collaboration with Echo-in and Locus Sonus

Exhibition opening: SplitSoundscape

SplitSoundscape is a sound installation by Grégoire Lauvin, an artist and researcher at the Locus Sonus Laboratory. This set up invites visitors to listen live to the sounds of la Sainte-Baume.

On this mythical mountain located east of Marseilles, 5 streamboxes have been placed along a meridian.  Powered by solar energy and equiped with a 3G connection, they capture and stream live all the sounds around them.

For the Gaité Lyrique's sound room, Grégoire Lauvin has created a sound model making it possible for visitors to travel along that virtual geographical line and immerse themselves in the sounds of the Sainte-Baume.

In collaboration with the project ECHO-IN SAINTE-BAUME and the Locustream Soundmap open microphone project by Locus Sonus