I could never be a Dancer

I could never be a Dancer

Performances in la Gaîté lyrique by the duo I Could Never Be a Dancer and professionnal and amateur performers

The French duo, I Could Never Be A Dancer, artists in residence at la Gaîté lyrique, have created a novel performance for the opening. In conjunction with the UVA circuit, a series of daily performances leads visitors to discover the various features of  La Gaîté Lyrique by inviting them to individual experiences that follow the principles of game play (predefined game plot). I Could Never Be A Dancer sparks and joins the public's reactions.
The project requires the participation of students from graduate art schools to help interpret the experience.

Free with a booked visit between 6PM and 8PM to the United Visual Artists' installation.


I Could Never Be A Dancer is a company founded by Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou. The duo explores the performativity of pop culture in installations and performances, which play with the emergence of live events in the museum context and with the way in which to anticipate the spectator's involvement. These are some of the institutions which have hosted their works: the Palais de Tokyo (Installation "Baby Disco"), Paris' Musée d'Art Moderne, the Villa Noailles as part of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography, the jardin du Luxembourg for the Nuit Blanche 2005 at Paris and Culver City's Scion Space (Los Angeles).

Both Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou have their own solo careers and also partner other contemporary choreographers and artists (Jérome Bel, Marco Berrettini).



Profesionnal dancers Justine Bernachon, Jérôme Brabant, Dirk Bruning, Rossella Cecili, Margaux Coucharrière, Antoine Couret, Laëtitia Dosch, David Drouard, Benjamin Dukhan, Clément Garcia, K Goldstein, Emmanuelle Grach, Yves Heck, Georgia Ives, Guillaume Marie, Olivier Mathieu, Nicolas Sannier, Elodie Sicard, Antoine Tanguy, Claire Tran

Students from the schools:  Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Ecole Média Arts, l'Ecole Estienne, Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Cergy, Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture, and Ecole Media Art Fructidor de Châlon-sur-Saône :

Lucie Ascione, Nathalie Blanchard, Flora Bondier, Nadia Bonneau, Clément Delhomme, Thomas Depoil, Maxime Gras, Maëlle Greffier, Ellia Jouveau, Kathleen Lendormy, Jody Jonard, Morgane Monterrat, Clarisse Partiot , Clarisse Partiot, Mickaël Rabibisoa , Emilie Roger , Emmanuel Serrurot, Juliette Angotti, Albane Noel, Maureen Barbette, Hugo Stempezynski, Clé Arnuif, Antoine Presles, Anne Bourrasse, Julie Mahieu, Gautier Mallet, Juliete Ouvry, Pauline Viallatte De Pemille, Hortense Proust, Anna Ternon, Sophie Pastorello, Philippine Klahr, Amélie Claudin, Agathe Joubert, Eric Loizzo, Vincent Rideau, Julie Tran, Chloé Bellemere, Julia Gault, Camille Zonca, Aimée Moreni, Amélie Lahutte, Marysol Kraviez, Violaine Lochu, Clarisse Bachelier, Julia Cavrez, Ludivine Thomas, Gabrielle Dumontheil, Mia Kafoloma, Gael Bourris, Emilie McDermott, Julie Renault, Féreil Boushaki, Marion Forestier, Clarisse Podesta, Joseph Rozier, Inès Bernard Espina, Liselotte Singer, Laura Cottin, Laura Lonni, Zoé Quentel et Emilie Faye.
Clément Delhomme, Thomas Depoil, Clarisse Partiot, Flora Bondier, Nadia Bonneau, Mickaël Rabibisoa, Maëlle Greffier, Katleen Lendormy, Maxime Gras, Emmanuel Serrurot, Emilie Roger, Morgane Monterrat, Ellia Jouveaux, Lucie Ascione, Jody Jonard, Nathalie Blanchard.  


Uniqlo dresses performers of I Could Never Be A Dancer.


Melissa fit performer of I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER