La Zone (Tchernobyl)

La Zone (Tchernobyl)
La Zone

A sensory journey into the heart of Tchernobyl's exclusion zone - the forbidden area around the nuclear power plant. A physical and cerebral experience, 25 years after the disaster.

La Zone is an installation combining photographs, videos and sound creations. Spectators are invited to enter into a black box, and their presence inside sets off a tangible experience of the radioactive zone, ever renewed, different for each one.
Both film and subject, La Zone plays with different time-frames and narrations, interlacing them so as to recreate as faithfully as possible our perception of time and space regarding a land blasted by nuclear holocaust.

The still and animated pictures are the result of a year-long documentary and artistic labor in and around Chernobyl's forbidden zone. Their esthetic flirts with the boundaries of documentary rigor and the plastic arts.

This installation is one of the high points of the La Zone multimedia project produced by Guillaume Herbaut and Bruno Masi.
It will open to the public in April 2011 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. It will be accompanied by a webdocumentary broadcast by and a book.