Willi’s 10th Anniversary

Willi’s 10th Anniversary

Celebration of Life Ball

A ball to celebrate Willi Ninja's heritage as an icon of voguing culture. Come dance, shine, and dazzle the audience and the jury with your best moves inspired by Vogue magazine.

Voguing dance moves and attitudes are a mix of models poses, acrobatic contorsions and combat sports.

September 2, 2016 marked 10 years since our belated and beloved Willi Ninja graduated from this place called earth; leaving his footprints upon the world of Fashion, Vogue, and Runway with his Japanese beliefs. With his teachings, The Iconic Legendary House of Ninja continued his legacy worldwide. In honor of his 10th Anniversary we come together and celebrate his life accomplishments, dreams, and beyond his expectations of the new generations ...

Dance categories

Face - Butch Queen - Fem Queen - Old Way - New Way - Realness - Vogue Femme - Sex Siren


Face - Willi had a modeling agency called EON - Elements of Ninja. You have been invited to audition for the EON modeling agency in a 2 part interview. For your 1st interview to get your 10s

Butch Queen - you must come show off your washed face in a white tank top and blue skinny jeans. For your final interview must dress in your best inspired John Paul Gaultier Spring / Summer suit 2012 collection and sell your face to the judges.

Fem Queen & Women - you must come show off your washed face in a black tank top, blue skinny jeans, and heels.

Fem Queen - For your final interview you must you must show off your best inspired Grace Jones from Slave to the Rhythm fashion wear.

Women - For your final interview you must show off your best inspired Thierry Mugler Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1997 inspired evening gown collection.

Old Way / New Way - Willi was known to integrated old way and new way into his own Voguing style with his arms and shoulders. Grace the runway with Willi's signature arms and shoulder movements

Old Way - Bring your best inspired look as Willi in “Deep in Vogue” and don't forget to bring your hair. To get your 10’s you must perform Willi's signature movements.

New Way - Bring your best inspired look from “Women with White Hair” Japanese movie. To get your 10s you must perform one of Willi's signature movements.


Fem Queen - One of Willi's greatest inspiration was the African Queen Iman. Impress the judges with your best inspired Ancient Egyptian Queen from the music video Remember the times by Michael Jackson.

Pretty Boy - Bring it as the new Prince in Willi's concubine as the Sultan of Sensuality.

Butch Queen Up In Drag - Bring It as the Indian princess in Disney's Aladdin. Will you grant our wishes come true or head back into the lamp?

OTA Hands Performance - House of Flying daggers was another Asian movie Willi admired. Especially the part of when the main character; Xian Mei was challenged. You must bring it as the main character Xian Mei and hit every drum beat. Don’t forget your long sleeves.

Runway - Disney was One of Willi's favorite vacation spots. For Willi's 44th birthday Willi was unable to go to Walt Disney to celebrate so we brought Disneyland to him.

European - You must bring as a female villain

BQ - You must bring as a Disney Prince

OTA All American - You must bring it as a male Disney villain.

Vogue Femme

Butch Queen - Bring it as bold version of a Samari

Women Performance- Inspired by Kill Bill Bring it as Uma Thurman or Lucy Liu fighting scenes and show the judges your deadliest moves to deter her next attack.

Fem Queen & Drag - As you know, Willi had one of the sharpest and original sense of fashion on & off the floor. As sharp as a blade impress the judges as one of the Female WARRIORS from SOUL CALIBER incorpating one of Willi's sense of fashion / style that was just as sharp as a blade.

Baby Vogue - Since Willi's passing the House of Ninja has a New Generations. Introducing the new generation bring your best inspired look of Monster High.

Realness with a Twist - In 1998, Willi Ninja had the privileged to appear in Wigstock. Can you Impress us with your over the top Wig in your true form.

Bizarre Godzilla Invades The City Of Bright Lights (Paris) - Fast forward in time to the year 3016. The amazing creature rises after World War 3 nearly obliterates most of Japan, home of Godzilla. What will the new adversary of his look like to us in that year fighting to keep Paris lit! Creativity is the key!

Sex Siren

Women - Inspired by styled by Thierry Mugler for Playboy 1999, part of playboy's Legacy image collection

Butch Queen - As you already know Willi was a friend and trainer to the iconic Madonna herself so give us a dream of her video “Justify my love”.

Best Dressed - Willi's sense of style and appearance was unique, and important. Whether he was food shopping or hosting a show Willi always made a fashion statement. One of Willi's favorite story was, "The Emperor’s New Clothes". Do you have the same attitude to bring fashion to the heights of royalty of years gone by.

Performance as a House - Willi was overall inspired by the Japanese culture. Bring your House for a performance as geisha or ninjas with that influence from Japan that made the Ninja style known worldwide

Runway as a House - Your house must bring it as the Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2003 Full Fashion Show.

PARIS IS VOGUING BANDE ANNONCE from Gabrielle Culand on Vimeo.

Paris is voguing

"Voguing is a dance characterized by model-like poses, inspired by Vogue magazine. Born in New-York in the 1980's, this culture gathered hundreds of young african-american and latinos gay men. They faced each other in dance battles, organized during improvised runway shows called "ballrooms". Madonna, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé helped popularized this dance and its culture, as an inspiration to their own choreographies.

In France, Lasseindra Ninja is one of the main figures of the discipline. She lives in Paris and, since she was adopted by the House of Ninja - one of the most famous in New-York - when she was 20, she has been organizing her own ballrooms in France." Vice

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Do you speak voguing ?

Do you speak voguing ?


Le monde fantastique du voguing nous tend les bras, mais un peu de préparation ne ferait pas de mal : pour profiter au mieux des balls à la Gaîté Lyrique, nous allons prendre le temps de se faire un petit point vocabulaire.