Winter is Coming Ball

Winter is Coming Ball

House of Balenciaga Europe

The House of Balenciaga Europe requests your presence and asks that you bare witness to a Ball night extraordinaire. As for the first time in history on this side of the Narrow Sea, the House will open the gates to its fortress and invites all noble families and their allies to gather for this special occasion



----------------- REALNESS -----------------

THUG REALNESS – Ramsay Bolton - as cruel and dark as his soul. Bring it in ALL BLACK, your outfit must have the Bolton family banner with the flayed man on it.

EXECUTIVE - The King's Hand - As the Kings closest advisor "The Hand" is the most powerful appointed position in the Seven Kingdoms, second only to the King in authority and responsibility. Bring it in a look appropriate to such high office and of course do not forget your GOLD PIN!

SCHOOL BOY – The Maesters and Scholars of the Citadel - Bring it in a long white/grey robe with a SCROLL or OLD BOOK.

PRETTY BOY - Knights of the Kingsguard - You are the knight in shining armor. Bring it in a look inspired by the men sworn to protect the King and crown. Don’t forget your sword !

FEMALE FIGURE (FQ, Drags: 2 trophies) - Missandei - From servant into a confident, beautiful young woman and one of the most trusted advisors and dear companions to the rightful Queen. Tonight, bring it inspired by one of the many fashionable looks of Nathalie Emmanuel, the actress portraying Missandei in Game of Thrones, with a picture of the inspired look.

--------- FACE ---------

BQ FACE – Jon Snow “The King of the North/The Return to Winterfell” - Bring it in an all black, royalty worthy, King look with a fur collar and an OVAH entrance.

FF FACE (FQ, Drags, Women: 3 trophies) - Daenerys Targaryen “Mother of Dragons” - Bring it with an OVAH entrance, in a look worthy of a Queen with white or silver hair.

------------------------ PERFORMANCE ------------------------

BABY VOGUE – The White Walkers - Bring it in a look inspired by the army of the dead.

Loras and Margaery Tyrell "The royal siblings of Highgarden" - Inspired by the rose on the banner of House Tyrell, bring it in an ALL GOLDEN look.

OLD WAY – The Unsullied - Serve it in an outfit inspired by the fearless soldiers of the Unsullied army.

NEW WAY – The Sand Sisters - Bring it in your own interpretation of the deadly sister assassins. Don’t forget your DEADLY WEAPON.

FF PERFORMANCE – “The Whores of King's Landing” - Bring it in an outfit incorporating colorful silk or satin fabrics delightfully draped around your body.

-------------------- BODY & SEX --------------------

FF SEX SIREN – Melisandre “The Red Woman” - you embody the priestess of the Lord of Light and like her you are not afraid to play with fire. Bring it in ALL RED, including LONG RED HAIR. MAKE IT HOT !

BQ SEX SIREN – Oberyn Martell “The Red Viper” - Prince Oberyn was known for his endless charm, sex appeal and lust for more. Tonight, reincarnate his spirit and show us that you can seduce any- and everyone, in a majority RED look.

BQ BODY – Khal Drogo - Bring it inspired by the great Dothraki Khal with a lot of body, wrapped in not a lot of leather.

FF BODY – The Harpy - Inspired by the mythical creature watching over the Ghiscari Empire in Essos. Your look should be magical, don’t forget your WINGS.

-------------- RUNWAY -------------

FF EUROPEAN RUNWAY – Cersei Lannister and Olenna Tyrell “The Shady Mothers” - In a long dress/gown and a NASTY ATTITUDE.

ALL AMERICAN RUNWAY – The Night King - Bring it in an armor inspired look incorporating reflecting or shiny materials and the colors black, blue, grey or white with an ICE CROWN.

NEW RUNWAY – The Children of the Forest - Bring it inspired by the mystic creatures around the Three Eyed Raven.

BQ EUROPEAN RUNWAY - Sons of the Harpy “A underground fashion rebellion.” - In one or more of the signature colors blue, turquoise and yellow with a GOLDEN MASK.

-------------- FASHION --------------

MF/FF BEST DRESSED (2 trophies) – House Stark “Fur, fur and more fur!” - Bring it in an elegant evening look incorporating at least TWO FUR ITEMS.

LABELS – House Lannister “The Rich and Powerful” - a high fashion look in the banner colors red and gold. And of course, make sure they’re LABELS !

BIZARRE – The three dragons Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal - scales, claws, fire, tails, glowing eyes, wings, teeth like blades. Bring it inspired by the mighty creatures of the skies and flames.

----------- GRAND PRIZE (for the cash)-----------

THE GAME OF THRONES – PERFORMANCE AS A HOUSE – 1 FF, 1 BQVF, 1RWT, 1 WILD CARD (performance of your choice) - WHO WILL RULE THE SEVEN KINGDOMS ? Choose the banner colors of one of the noble families in Westeros as your inspiration. The family chosen should be clear to judges when you get your tens. Only one house can win the battle for the Iron Throne.

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