La Gaîté Lyrique, a cultural establishment of the Ville de Paris, is both a space and a medium that puts the spotlight on post-Internet cultures. It’s the place where these artistic practices, born on or transformed by the Internet, are showcased but also imagined, created, experimented and transmitted. A space of discovery, La Gaîté Lyrique aims to understand our era and its relationship to virtuality, while also being a place of creativity, sharing and celebration. 

A space and medium dedicated to post-Internet cultures 

Since its opening in 2011, La Gaîté Lyrique is both a space and a medium, a living space centred around research, creation, experimentation and sharing, a space open to all audiences. As witnesses of our hyper-connected era, our focus is on post-Internet cultures: these emerging artistic practices, born on or transformed by the Internet, sit at the intersection between art, new technologies and societal issues. They are rampant, resolutely popular, often festive, sometimes marginalized. 

In a time when the use of innovative digital tools leads to the multiplication and hybridization of musical styles, La Gaîté Lyrique explores the rich field of contemporary music, its primary area of interest. But it also celebrates the dance movements that are born and shared online, the podcasts and video games that transform the way we tell stories, the virtual reality tools that renew our perception of the world, the design narratives that help imagine the future, the creative models born from blockchain, and all the art forms that shape the world of tomorrow.

Via a multidisciplinary programme packed with concerts, exhibitions, talks, performances and workshops that favours immersion, experimentation, narration, collective experience, entertainment and engagement, La Gaîté Lyrique’s mission is to welcome the artists who are making their mark on society and to support each and every citizen in their discovery and understanding of post-Internet cultures. 

By doing so, we are looking to stimulate creativity and imagination, to remain open to all possibilities and to create a space for celebration, that can both inspire us and enable us to live and look forward to the future. 

Annual numbers

  • 250,000 visitors
  • 1,000 events
  • 100 concerts 
  • 2 exhibitions
  • 200 talks and projections
  • 300 workshops
  • 10 festivals

A committed audience policy

Every year, La Gaîté Lyrique creates around 20 projects, welcomes 350 groups and spends 1,000 hours on hosting workshops. Our audience policy is built around partnerships with local structures on a voluntary basis. Thanks to its active presence on the Paris and Ile-de-France territories, our team in charge of audience experience creates a number of links with different partners: schools, graduate schools, universities, organisations, leisure centres, hospitals, social centres, hostels, cultural spaces...

This network of partners has two main goals: 

  • Developing and diversifying audiences by focussing on actions destined for people who are outside the usual scope of audiences for cultural institutions via partnerships with social structures (reduced rates, training, etc);

  • Create awareness around post-Internet cultures for all types of audiences by building relationships, mediation, meaning and a convivial atmosphere around the programme: guided tours of the exhibitions, talks, regular workshops, free access multimedia resources, etc.